David Bowie by Alec Byrne – SXSW Print



© Alec Byrne

Shot in a London park in Sept. 1969, this portrait was taken as Bowie, only 22, was about to head out on the road (as the opening act) with Humble Pie. ‘Space Oddity’ had been released a couple of months earlier and was slowly climbing the BBC radio charts – it would reach #25 the following week.

28×38 archival pigment print on matte paper.

Signed 'SXSW 2013' Print


This print has some minor imperfections. See Edition Details below for more information.

Sold Out

28×38 archival pigment print on matte paper.

Signed ‘SXSW 2013’ Print


In the spring of 2013 über EDITIONS mounted an installation of Alec Byrne’s rock photography at the annual SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. Custom made for the makeshift exhibition area, the prints were created in non-standard sizes (28×38 and 34×34) in order to maximize use of the existing wall space and their impact on the room. Due to the fact the prints were hung unframed, they suffered some minor scratching and rumpling of the paper edges.

Alec has now signed these prints and inscribed them ‘SXSW 2013’ in order to verify their identity for collectors. Each print is unique and will not be re-printed again at this size. Due to their imperfect condition we are offering these prints at approximately 1/3 the price of a comparably sized limited edition print (30×40). As they are unique, oversized and created for what was only Alec’s second exhibition, the prints from this series are sure to attain “unicorn” status and increase in value over time.