London Rock by Alec Byrne


In 1966, 17-year-old Alec Byrne got his first camera. Within months he was shooting the rock & roll scene in swingin’ ’60s London. By 1968, he was selling photos to music magazines all over the world through his company, the London Photo Agency. In 1976, at 27, he “retired” from the music world, moved to California, and packed his rock archive into boxes in his garage. It stayed there for nearly 40 years.

This fall, Insight Editions will bring these amazing music images back into the light by publishing ‘London Rock,’ an oversize coffee table book containing hundreds of Alec’s photographs, many previously unseen.

To celebrate and promote the launch of the book, we are planning to mount exhibitions here in the U.S. and around the world. Doing so will be extremely expensive and we are planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign in the near future to raise money to help cover these costs (making prints, framing, shipping, publicity, etc.)

To get things started we have placed a few items for sale here on the über EDITIONS site, a pre-Kickstarter campaign if you will. Please consider making a purchase and helping us to share Alec’s photos with the world. Thank you!